Appearance in New Straits Times

Page 1 of 4. Can't believe my baby made it to cover page. Awwh, you grew up so fast. :')

Well, I guess it's been a while since I last updated any blogs on the site. So I figured I might start with this; our first ever appearance on the local newspaper! *I know, I know. It actually is a little too late to write about this post but better late than never, right? :D

Alright then, let's get straight down to the juicy bits. How on earth did we land a spot on NST's cover page for the beauty section? Well to be frank, I don't know either. :'D

It happened when I was busy managing OTM's warehouse moving and stuffs, and then I got a call from a lovely woman named Meera Murugesan, a writer from NST. She told me that they wanted to write on sugar waxing, the ancient method of removing hair, but they couldn't seem to find any physical spa or wax parlors that was using this method. And while Googling, she came across this lucky little bird, Organic Touch Malaysia! YEAY! :DDD

So apparently we were one of the few local brands that actually produce this sugar wax ourselves and has been selling it for over two years. That's what made her choose us, over the rest. *awwh*.

New Straits Times was generous enough to give us not one, not two; but FOUR full pages write-up about our brand and product! WOW. JUST. WOW.

So let me just take this moment and say my million thanks to New Straits Times and the kind writer, Meera Murugesan for giving us this chance to shine. Well this is OTM's first ever appearance in a newspaper so yes, this IS a big deal to us. :D

In case you guys are still interested to read up about this article, feel free to find the digital version here:

Page 2 of 4. Remind me to change the sticker for this product. Way too last season, right? :p

Page 3 of 4. Don't even bother to ask why my face looks like that in the paper. I can't even. Uhh.

Page 4 of 4. A little history education on the ancient method of hair removal using cooked sugar, a.k.a. the sugar wax. No that is not my feet, FYI.

A special thanks too, to our sweetest customers whom agreed to share their feedback and review on our Sugar Wax, based on their personal experience. Really mean the world to us! I swear one of the biggest reasons why Organic Touch Malaysia can go this far and still standing till today is because of all your support. The continuous support that all of you gave us. That's the petrol to our minivan. That's the fertilizer in our tomato pot. That's the 'teh ais' to us Malaysians. Eh? But you get my point. :)

All in all, I would just like to say thank you ever so much to everyone for all the comments, DMs, Whatsapps, likes, and reposts for this small but valuable achievement for us. Keep in touch! :)

Oh, and have you heard about the upcoming 11.11 sale? It's a BIGGGG site-wide sale that we'll be hosting in conjuction with the world's Singles Day! Yes, it's thing now. :D

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