Website Launch & MEGA SALE

Alhamdulillahhh and thank you so much for the tremendous support guys! Our recent website launch and MEGA SALE was a big success, and we have exceeded our sales expectations and target. It really feels like all of our hard work and effort is finally worth it now. ☺️☺️☺️ 


Here's a little recap of how the website launch and sale went:

We did a 48 hours MEGA SALE in conjuction with our official website launch on 3rd of June 2017.

There was a spike in number of website visitors after we publicly announced the launching and the sale on Instagram. And since then, we received a non-stop order email from the website. (Even at 3 in the morning! Thank you guys! 😍🙈)

Some of our products were already sold out on the first day of the sale, but we decided to continue accepting new orders for the products and replenish the stocks immediately, so no one would be left behind. ☺️

On Monday 5th of June (yesterday), we had to prepare the largest volume of parcels we have ever recorded since we first started the business. Can you believe that?? 😱😱😍😍 Ninja Van's gonna be so surprised when they come to collect the parcels. 😂 Do check your emails to see the tracking details update for your parcels. 😊

So that was it, a little summary of how our weekend went. It was a pretty hectic one, but boy was it worth it. 😍 And thank you so-so-SO much guys for your continuous support, since our Instagram days. You guys were awesome, and if it weren't because of you guys, we wouldn't have come this far. ☺️ 

We hope that this new website will make it easier for you guys to browse our products, keep up-to-date on our latest activities and most importantly, to purchase our goods as quick and easy as possible!

Maybe we'll do another MEGA SALE sometime in the future, yes? Well, we'll definitely throw another simple promos every now and then. Be sure to subscribe to our website if you don't wanna miss any promos or sales on the website! Thank youuuuu! 😊😘😘