Blue Welcoming Mocktail

This beautiful looking Blue Welcoming Mocktail is not only delicious, it's fun and easy to make too!


10 pcs Butterfly Pea flower buds

200g sugar

400ml water

500ml drinking water

6 slices of fresh lemon

*Optional: 1 piece of Pandan leaf

*Optional: some fresh mint leaves

This recipe makes about 6 servings in a 200ml glass.


1. Add all ingredients into a small pot. Put on medium heat, and leave the mixture to boil.

2. Let the syrup mixture boil for another 15 minutes. Off the heat.

3. Let the syrup mixture cool to at least room temperature before proceeding to the next step.

4. Pour the thick, blue, Butterfly Pea syrup into the glass of your choice until syrup comes up to 1.5 inches in depth in the glass.

5. Hold a spoon and lower it into the glass, just until it is right above the syrup. Very slowly, pour drinking water over the spoon, to create a subtle ombre effect between the syrup and the drinking water. Continue fillinf the glass with drinking water until almost full.

6. Slowly drop a couple of ice cubes. Garnish with some mint leaves and lemon slices.

How to enjoy the mocktail?

Yes, this is the fun part! Gently take the lemon slice, and squeeze it into the mocktail. Stir slowly and observe the magical colour-change in the drink! :D

Drink while it's still cold, for best taste.