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The Cleopatra’s Secret - Rose Face Mist is a brilliant blend of all-natural ingredients in order to recreate what the original beautiful Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra used to apply as a toner for her delicate face, made from fresh rose buds.

Also, this face mist is a great combination to be used with the Infinity Face Oil

Benefits of the Cleopatra's Secret - Rose Face Mist:

  •  A very delicate formula, suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin
  •  Clears acne
  •  Leaves skin soft and supple
  •  Can also be used as a toner
  •  Can be used as makeup setting spray
  •  Hydrates your skin instantly
  •  No limitation on the usage of the mist
  •  Smells soft and rossy
  •  Works wonders as a makeup remover too!
  •  BONUS: Can also be sprayed on your hair to make it softer and smell wonderful 
  •  BONUS: Can also be sprayed on you cat's fur to make them smell wonderfullll! 😻

*Please shake well before use. The beautiful ingredients may separate when left unused. That's only normal, because we didn't use any stabilizer or emulsifiers in our organic products. 😊

Volume: 200ml
Price: RM30 exclude postage

Cleopatra's Secret - Rose Face Mist (Old Label)

RM30.00 Regular Price
RM20.00Sale Price
  • The Cleopatra's Secret - Rose Face Mist is highly recommended to be paired with the Infinity Face Oil.