Product of the Month

Welcome to our fun project page, the Product of the Month (PotM)! This is where we choose the star product for the month, and we’ll share all these cool infos you might not already know about the product. And best part is, like always, we will be offering a good combo/promo price throughout the month, or a free gift to compliment the product, JUST for this product.

Excited yet? Let’s do this! :D

September 2019 Product of the Month: Sugar Wax

What is Sugar Wax, you ask? Well, you’ve come to the right place (and at the right month too)! Sugar Wax is a wonderful concoction made of sugar, water, and some sort of acid (in our case, it’s Apple Cider Vinegar). And believe it or not, this candy-like substance is actually an ancient tradition for hair removal, and it goes waaay back to Cleopatra days. Legend has it that Cleopatra used to have a sugaring session once a month, to maintain that beautiful clear, hairless skin of hers.

Benefits of sugaring, and why you should give it a go!

  • Stating the obvious, it removes unwanted hairs at literally any part of your body. Face, armpits, legs - you name it.

  • Hair takes longer time to grow when waxed, as compared to shaving since waxing pulls out the hair from the roots. Sometimes it even takes up to 3 weeks for the hair to grow again!

  • While the hair is being removed, so does the layer of dead skin that’s just been sitting pretty on the surface of your skin. This allows your fresh and healthier skin to be revealed!

  • Sugaring is less painful as compared to conventional waxing. But of course, it goes without saying – you’ll need to try first to know the difference. If you’ve only tried sugaring and not conventional waxing, then you won’t be able to imagine what kind of experience to expect with the other. Same case vise versa.

  • Sugaring does not dry out your skin. Sugar itself is a natural form of humectant, which means it attracts moisture. So if anything, sugaring can reduce skin dryness. Nonetheless, you’ll still need to be precautious and apply a light moisturizer after sugaring.

  • Sugaring is simple. You don’t need too many products and equipment. Our Sugar Wax is especially convenient, since it’s already liquid at room temperature, and no reheating is necessary. Just open up the jar and start spreading!

  • Easy cleaning. No, literally. It’s so easy to clean up after sugaring as compared to conventional waxing. Just wash off your skin with tap water and you’re done! Sugar dissolves easily with water, so no oil or powder is needed to clean off any excess wax on your skin.

  • Reusable multiple times. One sugar wax strip can be used and reused several times at different areas, for as long as it can still stick. And once you’re done, just clean off the cloth fabric with water and soap, and leave it to dry for your next sugaring session. If that ain't green enough for you, I don’t know what is.

What makes our Sugar Wax so special and different apart from other sugar waxes?

Instead of just honey and lemons, we use Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) instead! Why does this matter? Because ACV is a good natural acidic solution that can be used to balance the pH level of the skin. Since the human skin is naturally acidic, your skin’s gonna thank you for using products with ACV. We’re not saying that other acidic ingredients such as lemons are not good, heck no. Lemons are wonderful! Same goes to other naturally acidic ingredients like grapefruit, citric acid, and strawberries. But Apple Cider Vinegar wins in this case, simply because it allows us to control the outcome better, pH level wise. The pH in Apple Cider Vinegar is almost always constant, especially because we got ours from a trusted manufacturer with a good background, while using fresh lemons, well – the pH varies from fruit to fruit (along with other elements such as water content, sugar concentration, etc.). This is why you can be rest assured that you’ll get pretty much almost similar effect from your first jar of Sugar Wax to the last, for as long as we still maintain our formulation.

Best way to use our Sugar Wax:

We’d highly recommend to wax at night, especially if it’s your first time. This is because after sugaring, your new baby skin might be a little sensitive, and being exposed to sunlight directly might cause it to irritate a little. Anywhoo, if you’re used to sugaring, your skin will be more prepared for such situations, so don’t worry too much. Also, it’s a good practice to moisturize your skin after waxing/sugaring with a light moisturizer. Since removing hairs would open up the pores and it will be much easier for debris to get in them, so stay away from heavy creams after waxing.

What is it best paired with?

Well of course we’ve got you covered for this part too! Guess what, did you know that you could use this product on your body too? It’s our…*drumrolls*….Face Mists! Yess! Since the Face Mists are very hydrating, and contains zero amount of heavy oils, AND are infused with beautiful luxury essential oils, our range of face mists are the perfect after-sugaring product to go to! It will not clog your open pores, yet it will cool the skin down and give it a boost of hydration. Bliss in a bottle!

And lucky you, we have FOUR types of beautiful face mists. Choose your favorite!


This is the best part, right? The amazing PotM Combo & Specials. For September ’19 and September ’19 only:

  1. All Sugar Wax will be given a set of the limited-edition diamond-patterned blue silk cotton fabric strips. (Normal set: white cotton fabric strips)

  2. All Sugar Wax sets will come with two big wooden spatulas, and two small wooden spatulas. (Normal set: just two small wooden spatulas)

Grab 2 jars of Sugar Wax for RM60

(Normal price: RM35 / jar)