A step back to the past.


Organic Touch Malaysia is a handmade beauty and health products brand, established on February 2015. The brand pride themselves in inventing and selling all chemical-free products. The company started with four co-founders, all students of Bachelor in Biotech-Biochemical Engineering from the International Islamic University Malaysia, whom decided to turn their hobbies into an amazing business. After many hardships and good memories, only one of the partners stayed to continue running the business. Now all graduated, she and her team are focusing 100% on the business and are giving their best to improve the quality of their products, improve the business system, and not to forget; constantly create new amazing products for their loyal followers and supporters.

Shoot for the moon. If you miss, you'll land among the stars.


At Organic Touch Malaysia, we aim at combining both functional products and creativity by putting both our left and right brains to work. Let your minds play, your eyes widen, and your skin heal! Our motto "When biotech meets artisan" is the simplest way to describe how we produce wonderful beautiful magical beauty products that are both visually presentable and works wonders on your skin. Most of our products are safe for sensitive skin, combination skin, specific skin diseases (such as eczema and psoriasis) and normal skin but at the same time, we present them in a way that they look good even as a decor!

When life takes you on a ride, enjoy it!


Science and arts are two things that can barely be combined in any situation. But nothing is impossible - all you need to do is give it a little try. Here in Organic Touch Malaysia, we hold on to our simple yet specific methodology in creating new products, which are:

  1. Get inspirations on what new products we want to create.

  2. Research and experiment on the ingredients and formulas.

  3. Test run the sample products (on ourselves, NOT on animals!).

  4. If all goes well, figure out the prettiest packaging to show off the natural beauty of the product (counting in all the dos and don'ts to elongate the shelf life).

  5. Release it to the world!